CEWOOD offers a full range of standard and custom-made cemented wood wool products for interior design, acoustic and constructive purposes. 

Acoustic panels 

CEWOOD Acoustic panels for indoor use are made with white Portland cement from high-quality, branchless wood — for smooth, even looking surfaces with the highest aesthetic standards.

Construction panels

CEWOOD Construction panels are made from grey Portland cement and high quality, standard structure (3.0 mm) wood wool. 

Wood wool

Raw CEWOOD wood wool is natural versatile packaging material, suitable for insulation and stuffing, among other uses. Available in three grades. Typical length is 20 cm.

Custom products

CEWOOD Plant is capable of quick turnaround, custom wood wool product development and manufacturing. Get in touch with us for a consultation — we will do our best to give you the perfect solution. Contact us for a consultation and offer.