Gemoss in Valmiera

During the reconstruction of the warehouse building constructed in 1890 in the Pārgauja district of Valmiera, it was important to maintain the special ambience of the building. Modern materials with timber, which have their own special history, are combined in the renovated image of the old warehouse, whereas the interior design is dominated by custom-built furnishings made of pallets.

The trading areas are set up with the comfort and safety of customers in mind, therefore the origins were of essence in the choice of finishing materials. The black CEWOOD panels of 100% natural origin are used in ceiling finishing. The black colour perfectly combines with the old wooden beams and such industrial elements as pipes, as well as stylish lighting fixtures. The panels ensure acoustic comfort, as well as serve as an important design element, but the indoor climate they allow to create is essential when thinking of customers’ comfort and well-being.
Technical details:
CEWOOD Acoustic panels
Wood wool: 1.5 mm
Panel thickness: 15 mm
Panel dimensions: 1200x600 mm
Colour: Black
Profile: P5
Volume: 500 m2