Efficient ceiling finish solutions suitable for educational institutions in the reconstruction design for Carnikava Elementary School  

The school will undergo a modern reconstruction with at least 30 classrooms for 660 pupils, 43 offices as well as library with the silent reading-room and corridors with spacious lounge areas. The chosen ceiling finish materials in design of Carnikava Elementary School – CEWOOD ceiling panels – is a clear answer to questions on what the room acoustic is going to be in each classroom and school corridor over dozens of years to come? How will school employees and pupils feel in the new premises? What the indoor climate and project sustainability will be like?

Cost-efficient solutions can also effectively apply to indoor interior, indoor climate and especially to acoustic comfort in premises. CEWOOD panels will meet all these conditions at 100%. Construction costs are reduced by at least 10-15% in comparison to traditional ceiling construction costs. General benefits in this case are incommensurable – great acoustic indoor climate, harmonious atmosphere, healthy indoor climate, easy to apply, 100% natural raw materials which keeps the advantages of wood.

Carnikava Elementary School is an object still under construction. 7,000 m2 of CEWOOD panels are being mounted on CD profiles. Standard material is available in the permanent range of CEWOOD warehouse. General contractor of the object – SIA NEWCOM CONSTRUCTION – appreciates the comfortable and quick mounting of panels arriving at excellent outcome.

Technical specifications:

CEWOOD Acoustic panels

Wood wool width: 1,0 mm; 
Panel thickness: 25 mm
Panel dimensions: 1200x600; 

Colour: white

Profile: P5

Volume: 7000 m2