Retreat Center “Stacija”

 Train station “Lūžņas” from 1916. to 1963. became as station for famous narrow gauge train in North Kurzeme root and served as important meeting point for locals from Lūžņa village.

Station is located near Baltic sea. This coastal area was later taken over by the USSR army. For military purposes, several huge and monolithic buildings were built, but the authentic station building was preserved.

As the site is surrounded by forests and the seaside area, it has the status of a nature park with the prohibition to build new buildings. With renovation of the existing buildings, in 2019 Lūžņa Station started to be reborn and transformed into the Retreat Center – Stacija (Station).

“We have put a lot of work into starting to renovate existing buildings and tidying up an area that has been neglected all this time. At the station, the buildings serve as a house of silence, a place for meditation retreats, as well as a place for rituals and nature practices. It was especially important to choose a material that would be closer to nature with acoustic properties and aesthetic design. To make any guest feel welcome here, in harmony both internally and externally, and would always be happy to return and stop at the Station.” The head of the Retreat Center “Stacija” (Station) - Lita Rubene
Technical details:
CEWOOD Acoustic panels
Wood wool: 1.5 mm
Panel thickness: 25 mm
Panel dimensions: 1200x600 mm
Colour: Natural painted
Profile: P5
Product amount: 400 m2