Riga Art and Media School

The new multi-functional learning block of the Riga Art and Media School in Riga is equipped with modern improvements and customised for specialists of wood-working, metal-working, textiles, as well as future professionals in the media and environmental design areas.

The total construction volume of the building is 1547 square metres. Monochrome colours are the uniting element in the façade and interior finishing chosen as a tribute to the film industry, its golden age and the frame overlays used in it.

Taking into consideration the specificity and the purpose of the building, special attention was paid to acoustics, by engaging the acoustics specialists Jānis Tālbergs.

We are truly proud that the Riga Art and Media School is the first project in Latvia in which CEWOOD Baffle panels were used.

The interior design of the school is presented in a black and white (monochrome) style, with the special ceiling finishing, where the CEWOOD Baffle panels in black and white are the main “cherry” that also form part of the acoustic solution.

The construction works of the new block were commenced in 2020, the architects of PA SIA MADE and SIA Citrus Solutions were the design authors providing author’s supervision, while SIA REM PRO carried out construction supervision. The general contractor is SIA RERE Būve. The State Education Development Agency is the co-operation partner in project implementation.

Technical details:
Wood wool:
1.5 mm
Panel thickness:
30 mm (2x15 mm);
Baffle lengths: 600 mm (2 cables), 1200 mm (2 cables), 1800 mm (3 cables), 2400 mm (4 cables)
Baffle widths: 300 mm, 600 mm
white, black
Profile:  P0
Product amount: 400 m2

Baffle panels

Technical Details:
Wood wool:
1.0 mm and other upon request
Panel thickness:
30 mm (2x15 mm); 50 mm (2x25 mm)
Baffle lengths: 600 mm (2 cables), 1200 mm (2 cables), 1800 mm (3 cables), 2400 mm (4 cables)
Baffle widths: 200 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm
Colour options:
natural, white, black, grey and any RAL or NCS system colour upon request
Profile:  P5

Main benefits:

Acoustics. Substantially improves acoustic comfort, better absorbs sound and noise.
Innovation. Panels diversify the range of CEWOOD products offering a visually different, modern and interesting solution.
Ecological. Manufactured in an environmentally friendly way using natural raw materials.
Aesthetics. A broad range of textures, sizes and colours.