The Exupery International School

The Exupery International School with its boarding school has a total capacity of 500 students. The refurbishment and
design project was underpinned by the latest trends in similar establishments abroad. The aesthetics of the premises are
designed according to their function. For example, the arts classroom features large-sized windows, allowing students
to enjoy the beautiful view, while the library and the reading room feature relaxing design elements. Classrooms boast with full natural lighting. Wood as the dominant material in the object resulted from the architect’s vision of a modern and sustainable building, but it is also a material widely recognized and used in public buildings. The CEWOOD finishing panels
were used as a solution to achieve a harmonious interior and quality acoustic properties in all classrooms; and they were
also used for the finishing of ceilings and walls of the ground floor dining room. The building was awarded 3rd place in the competition “Sustainability in Architecture, Construction, Design 2021”.
Technical details:
CEWOOD Acoustic panels
Wood wool: 1.5 mm
Panel thickness: 35 mm
Panel size: 600x600 mm
Colour: Natural
Profile: P0
Product amount: 1200 m2