Valga School Priimetsa

CEWOOD Panels were chosen for a school in Valga, Estonia due to their acoustic and aesthetic properties. The neutral
light-shaded, unpainted panels of natural colour hue bring warmth to the premises and, combined with white luminaires
and white-painted engineering cables, they form a neutral background for school ambience. In turn, they acoustically
absorb sounds, which are especially important in intensively used premises. CEWOOD Acoustic panels (both in neutral
natural colour hue and in white) have already been used by architects in several schools, as the panels combine all these
aspects and, moreover, are reasonably priced, which allows this solution to be implemented in school premises.
Technical details:
CEWOOD Acoustic panels
Wood wool: 1.5 mm
Panel thickness: 25 mm
Panel size: 1200x600 mm
Colour: Natural
Profile: P5
Product amount: 880 m2