CEWOOD Receives the Annual Award of the Forest Industry

The annual “Zelta čiekurs” (Golden Pine Cone) Award is the highest recognition for significant achievements and contribution to the forestry sector in Latvia. It takes place in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Latvia. We are proud to announce that CEWOOD wins the annual “Zelta čiekurs” (Golden Pine Cone) Award in the nomination "For Innovative Entrepreneurship".

CEWOOD is a Latvian company with a factory in Jaunlaicene, which produces wood wool panels widely used in the world. They are ideal for ceiling and wall decoration, providing a number of advantages: 100% natural origin, effective noise absorption, improved room acoustic comfort and microclimate. This is a cost-effective ceiling and wall finishing solution, quick and easy to install, long-lasting.

Since its foundation, CEWOOD has set high quality standards for its products and has chosen to produce them from natural materials, thus guaranteeing safety for human health. The company pays great attention to the fact that the panels consist only of 100% natural, the highest quality ingredients, which are obtained in an eco-friendly way. The panels are made of PEFC certified wood using green energy.

The CEO Ingars Ūdris: “For us - a Latvian company, it is extremely important in our production to use trees grown in Latvia that have been obtained responsibly. When producing our panels, we add additional value to Latvia's green gold. The end result is not lumber, but the highest quality panels, which are highly valued in more than 36 countries around the world. We are really proud of the recognition we have received from the forest industry and we will continue to act responsibly at every stage of our production process, where innovative entrepreneurship is one of the priorities.”